Mass MoCA

12 June 2013

Offsite Activities

Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger, Harmonic Bridge, Under the Route 2 overpass Walter Fahndrich, Music for a Quarry, Hoosac Marble Quarry at National Bridge State Park Become a MASS MoCA member today and get great year-long benefits, plus a chance to win a reserved Solid Sound parking spot.

12 June 2013


Christina Kubisch: Clocktower Project, Ctyd B Dean Baldwin: Chalet, Bldg 8 Don Gummer: Primary Separation, Marshall St Dre Wapenaar: Pavilion, Ctyd C Marko Remec: Totally Totem, The Speed Way Michael Oatman: all utopias fell, Boiler House, 2nd Fl Natalie Jeremijenko: Tree Logic, Ctyd B Stephen Vitiello: All Those Vanished Engines, Boiler House

12 June 2013

In The Galleries

Freedom: Just Another Word For, Kidspace, 2nd Fl Giselle Amantea: Democracy, Hunter Center Foyer Glenn Koche: Fly on the Wall, 2nd Fl bridge to Sol LeWitt Bldg Guillaume Leblon: Under My Shoe, 1st Fl Jason Middlebrook: My Landscape, 1st Fl Galleries (and Hunter Center 2nd Fl) Joseph Beuys: Lightning with Stag in its Glare, 2nd […]

12 June 2013

Rickshaw of Forward Motion

by John Stirratt & Chicago artist Chad Gerth Departs Ctyd A A mobile sound installation inspired by third world travel and modern forward motion

12 June 2013


Under upside-down trees Rain location: Dance Studio – Sat & Sun 10-11am

12 June 2013

WSSR Solid Sound Radio - 88.7FM

In the lobby

12 June 2013

Wingmasters (KF)

Xu Bing: Phoenix – Sat 12pm & 1:30pm Meet live birds of prey and learn about their rehabilitation

12 June 2013

The Loft by Jeff Tweedy

Building 8, 2nd Floor (via LeWitt) Simulated sonic and visual experience of Wilco’s Chicago studio

12 June 2013

Storey Publishing (KF)

Storey Publishing presents demonstrations & projects for all ages on Saturday & Sunday  in various locations. Here’s the full list of activities & locations: Saturday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm: Storey’s Sewing Station – Sew a square for Wilco’s quilt! Next to Kidspace in MASS MoCA 11:00 am – 5:00 pm: Family Craft Table – […]

12 June 2013

Scavenger Hunt & Bike Raffle (KF)

Campus-wide all weekend

12 June 2013

Primary Expression Art Contest

Joe’s Field – Fri 6:30-8:30pm, Sat 3-5pm, Sun 2-4pm

12 June 2013

Poster Silkscreening Demo (KF)

2nd Fl above Lobby – Sat & Sun

12 June 2013

Pop-Up Performances - Saturday (KF)

Acoustic performances in the galleries Middlebrook – 2:30 & 4:30pm Xu Bing: Phoenix – 3:30 & 5pm

12 June 2013

Plugged In (KF)

3rd Fl above Lobby – Sat 1pm, 4pm, 6pm 30-minute rock band camp for kids

12 June 2013

Play Catch with the North Adams Steeplecats (KF)

Joe’s Field – Sat & Sun 11am

12 June 2013

Oscillator Fumes

Rehearsal Studio – Saturday 1pm, 2pm, 3pm Live electronic analog synthesizer and rhythm music revue featuring Mikael Jorgensen and longtime Wilco techs Nathaniel Murphy, Travis Thatcher and Josh Goldsmith with special visual treatments by Jeremy Roth.

12 June 2013

Hair Braiding (KF)

2nd Fl above Hunter – Sat 11am-1pm, 5-7pm

12 June 2013

Euclid Records

Building 8 Record store and artist signings (most 15 minutes after performance)

12 June 2013

Earth Drums by Glenn Kotche

An interactive experiment in archaic percussion and communication As a percussion-obsessed high school freshman, I remember sitting in the school library reading the only book on percussion available, James Blades’ Percussion Instruments and Their History. For some reason a paragraph on the origin of membrane drums stuck in my mind all these years. Blades posited […]

12 June 2013

Dean’s Chalet

Building 8 Walk-in sculpture/bar

12 June 2013

Cycle In Style

2nd Fl above Hunter – Sun 12 – 1pm

12 June 2013

Cluster Music by Glenn Kotche

Lewitt, 3rd Fl Experience the sonic blur of touring life. A four channel audio installation repeating every 30 minutes This is a four channel sound installation featuring collages of my “walking” recordings from various Wilco tours. One of my favorite things to do on tour is to just take a walk – usually with no […]

12 June 2013

Axe Restoration & Sharpening

Middlebrook – Sat 12-6pm

12 June 2013

Environmental Film Series

Take in in a movie (or four) at our mini-environmental film series: Hunter Center – Fri 4:30-9pm, Sun 3pm Alison Gannett, A MoveShake Story (2012) Don’t Frack My Mother (2013) Groundswell (2012) Musicwood (2013) The Sky is Pink (2012)

12 June 2013

Stargazing (KF)

Joe’s Field, after the concert, weather permitting, Fri & Sat With noted astronomer and famed solar eclipse-chaser Dr. Jay Pasachoff

12 June 2013

Urban Birding (KF)

Bird Watch: Join an urban birding specialist on walks through downtown North Adams to discover how birds make their homes in urban areas. Plus a licensed raptor rehabilitator will present educational programs on birds of prey, featuring live birds. Guided walks depart from Ctyd A – Sat & Sun 10am

12 June 2013

Story Pirates (KF)

Story Pirates brings their action-packed musical sketch comedy featuring stories written by kids. Have your little one enter the Story Pirates Story Writing Contest now, here. Check their schedule of performances here.

11 June 2013


Solid Sound partners Patagonia & Osprey Packs in conjunction with The Trustees of Reservations host an off-site hike on Saturday, June 22 to The Cascades Trail in North Adams.  The Cascades Trail is a short, beautiful river walk following the Notch Brook in North Adams from the end of Marion Avenue to a popular cascading […]

29 January 2013


Laughing In Detail I & II Two special meal events at Solid Sound benefitting MASS MoCA’s educational and Free Library Pass programs Prepared by chef Brian Alberg of The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge and Daire Rooney of allium in Great Barrington along with celebrated local restaurateur Nancy Thomas. These two chefs have been presenting […]

21 November 2012

Kidstock (KF)

Kidspace at MASS MoCA is a child-centered art gallery and hands-on studio that presents exhibitions and educational experiences in collaboration with leading artists. Spend some time here and make hands on creations at Kidstock. Make musical instruments and jam at Storey Publishing’s MYOM and visit multiple craft tables to make cool, amazing, take ‘em-with-you souvenirs throughout the […]

4 November 2012

MASS MoCA (Galleries & Exhibits)

Since opening in 1999, MASS MoCA has become one of the world’s premier centers for making and showing the best art of our time. With annual attendance of 120,000, it ranks among the most visited institutions in the United States dedicated to new art. More than 80 major new works of art and more than […]