Spirit of Akasha: The Autumn Defense and Windy Hills tribute to Morning of the Earth


Spirit of Akasha is a live music and film experience celebrating Morning of the Earth.

A concert devoted to the freedom of the sea, the people who live in its spirit and the music that inspires us.

Original music composed and recorded specifically for the film Spirit of Akasha, will be performed live on stage by The Autumn Defense and The Windy Hills … elevating the traditional movie screening to a live concert film event. 

It was in 1972 that Albert Falzon made a film that would forever change the way we think about surfing – the film was Morning of the Earth.

His portrayal of all things pure and simple influenced generations and passed on an enduring spirit to our culture, our music and our lifestyle.

In the 40 years since Morning of the Earth, Life on Earth has been exploited to limits unimaginable, an innocence lost.

In 2012, a group of film makers and musicians embarked on a journey to see if Falzon’s ideology still exists today. Not only did they discover that it’s alive and well, but they realized that it’s still as simple as riding a wave or walking on a country road.

The Autumn Defense

Everyone has a different way to relax after a hard day of work, and for Pat Sansone and John Stirratt, the best way to clear their heads after playing to thousands of people for weeks on end was to find time to craft Fifth, the latest immaculately rendered pop opus from their long-running duo The Autumn Defense. Recorded on the fly between Wilco tours, multi-instrumentalists and producers Sansone and Stirratt recruited members of their touring band for the first time in the making of an Autumn Defense record. Confident grooves underly the duo’s masses of harmonies and carefully layered guitar chimes for what the pair consider one of their most varied efforts to date. From their native Chicago, the pair talked about finding time to make the album, balancing production and songwriting, and working with their live band in the studio.


The Windy Hills

Over the past twenty years, Andrew Kidman has earned a dedicated following as a filmmaker and singer- songwriter. Five films, eight albums of original music, and a series of band line ups later, Andrew Kidman’s vision and love of surfing and music are exemplified in The Windy Hills, a five-piece band that celebrates the concerted and ambitious in rock music. Since solidifying five years ago around the concept of performing live soundtracks choreographed to Kidman’s film footage, The Windy Hills have toured the US, selling out their show at the New York Surf Film Festival; performed at Splendour In The Grass, the Perth International Arts Festival, Mullum Music Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival.