The Dream Syndicate


Fresh off of last September’s successful reunion tour of Spain, the Dream Syndicate will play it’s first North American show since 1988 at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival.

The band’s Spanish shows last fall were named Best Live Show of the Year by the influential Ruta 66 magazine, finishing ahead of gigs by (in order) Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and The Stooges.

“I went into the Spanish shows with a little bit of caution,” says Wynn.  “I’m really proud of what we did the first time around and wouldn’t want to do anything to tarnish or diminish our reputation.  But I was so excited to see that the new shows not only replicated our sound and style but actually picked up on the dangerous, random, unhinged edge that was what I loved about being in the band in the first place.”

The band’s current lineup features singer/guitarist Steve Wynn and drummer Dennis Duck, the two members who spanned the group’s entire seven year career as well as bassist Mark Walton who was in the band for its final two records and nearly all of their US and world tours.  Guitarist Jason Victor who has played with Wynn in the Miracle 3 since 2001 will round out the 21st Century lineup.

The Dream Syndicate made its splash in 1982 with the debut album “The Days of Wine and Roses,” often cited among the top records in rock history and has been named as a major influence by such bands as Nirvana, Yo La Tengo, the Japandroids and the Black Crowes among many others.  The appearance at the Solid Sound Festival is the only US appearance booked for 2013.