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Through innovative collaborations, MASS MoCA helps artists and their supporters create and show important new work, bringing to our visitors bold visual and performing art in all stages of production, creating a stimulating center of creativity and commerce that brings life and economic vibrancy to its region.

And if you will allow us to expand on that…

If conventional museums are protective boxes, MASS MoCA strives instead to be a dynamic open platform—a welcoming environment that encourages free exchange between the making of art and its enjoyment by the public, between the visual and performing arts, and between our extraordinary historic factory campus and the patrons, workers, and tenants who once again inhabit it. That is, we strive to make the whole cloth of art-making, presentation, and participation by the public a seamless continuum… invigorating, enjoyable, and inclusive. We want you to feel at home here, whether it’s your 100th visit to a contemporary art museum, or your first.

MASS MoCA’s performing arts residencies offer well-equipped and professionally staffed technical facilities and stages, and a sophisticated, diverse, and sympathetic audience for new work. MASS MoCA’s vast galleries and expert fabrication staff offer visual artists the technical tools and time to create works of a scale and duration difficult to realize in the time-constrained and space-cramped conditions of most museums. While supporting the production of new work, we also take every opportunity to expose our audiences to all stages of art making; rehearsals, sculptural fabrication, and developmental workshops are frequently on view (as are finished works of art, of course).

If MASS MoCA’s mission is to nurture and present exciting new art of the highest quality in all media—and in all phases of its production—then we work equally hard to leverage that activity as a catalyst for community revitalization: the creation of new markets, good jobs, and the long-term enrichment of a region in economic need are all central to our purpose. We are ardent believers in the power of the creative economy at MASS MoCA and we are convinced that advancement of the arts, increased tourism, deeper community participation, and regional economic redevelopment are mutually reinforcing and inextricably linked: The arts create and bestow community identity. A strong sense of identity and pride rallies confidence, hope, productivity, and economic vibrancy. Those are base conditions for a healthy community; they cannot be created, however, without risk, adventure, and the willingness to embrace the new… all of which implies having the courage to fail from time to time. We act on those beliefs.