“The Deep: Chapter 8” An Immersive Sound Installation


The Deep, by Rivers Solomon is a novella based loosely on Clipping’s song of the same name. It tells the story of an underwater civilization, founded by the descendants of enslaved African women who were thrown overboard during the Middle Passage. “The Deep: Chapter 8” is an immersive sonic installation that features an excerpt of the novella, read by Clipping’s Daveed Diggs, incorporated into a spatialized audio environment. The band, alongside collaborator Bobby McElver, have designed an experience using Wave Field Synthesis—a spatial audio rendering technique that places virtual sound sources in real space. An array of 186 loudspeakers is installed along one of Mass MOCA’s hallways, with six designated listening areas, generating uncanny sonic effects that simulate proximity and motion. The installation puts its audience inside the world of the wajinru, and follows them as they rise to the surface of the ocean to mount an attack on Earth’s human population.