Mellotron Variations featuring Pat Sansone


Mellotron Variations features a live concert of original musical compositions for Mellotron — written and arranged by Pat Sansone, Jonathan Kirkscey and Robby Grant.

This event aims to showcase the Mellotron’s role as a unique pillar in music technology.
The world’s first pre-digital sampling keyboard and a precursor to modern digital sampling in hip-hop, rap and other contemporary music, the Mellotron dates back to the 1960s, when artists like Led Zeppelin (Kashmir), David Bowie (Space Oddity) and The Beatles (Strawberry Fields Forever) were early pioneers of the instrument’s weird, wobbly and other-worldy sounds.
Mellotron Variations was initially performed in April 2018 at Crosstown Arts in Memphis, TN. The resulting 45-minute concert film will be on a loop throughout Solid Sound, with the musicians performing various pop-up shows during the festival.
“This was one of best shows I’ve ever seen!” – Jody Stephens (Big Star, Those Pretty Wrongs) after attending the April 2018 performance.