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Award-winning songwriters and composers have sworn by Blackwing pencils since the 1930s. They were discontinued in the 1990s by a corporation whose values didn’t align with what Blackwing had come to represent. We acquired the brand and brought Blackwing back in 2010 with a focus on building a culture that breeds creative thinking. We still make great pencils, but we also support artists through the Blackwing Music label and fund music education in schools through the Blackwing Foundation.

Blackwing Music was created to shine a spotlight on musicians who deserve attention through live performances, storytelling and album releases. Johnny Irion has partnered with Blackwing in part to help produce, promote and distribute Driving Friend to our attentive fans and unique retail channel.

A portion of every Blackwing purchase benefits the Blackwing Foundation, which funds and develops arts and music education in public schools. The Foundation supports programs like Little Kids Rock, whose modern band program is focused on inspiring kids and putting music education back in the classroom.