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The Miraval journey is about creating a life in balance, healing the whole self, and engaging in the present moment. The energy that flows through our bodies reflects and responds to our internal, as well as our external, world. When life is out of balance, it can manifest as physical or emotional pain. Observe how you manage the many layers of your life: personal, professional, emotional, or physical. Make thoughtful choices by investing in yourself – with knowledge, compassion, and patience.

To inspire each individual to create a life in balance.

To be the most imaginative, authentic and meaningful wellness experience.

Welcome. Your journey begins, now.
It is our ongoing purpose to bring imagination, authenticity, and meaning to wellness.
Each day we work to bring out the best in all we do. Not for the world to take notice, but for our guests to take comfort in. We listen closely and speak from life experience. The more we understand your intent, the more we connect. We do this because we believe in the power of the individual. To create balance and live your best.
We do this because we are Miraval.