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Souldier is a rock n’ roll brand founded by Jen Tabor in 2005 with the goal of creating heirloom products from upcycled materials in the USA. Born in Chicago, IL, Souldier gained notoriety for creating guitar straps from recycled seatbelts and deadstock vintage fabrics.  The line quickly developed to include personal accessories, and pet products while continuing to expand their influence in the music industry.  Jeff Tweedy, an early adopter, performed on SNL in 2007 with our iconic owl strap which gave Souldier a mega-watt boost and led to a decades-long relationship with a Wilco signature line that continues to evolve.
Souldier at Solid Sound showcases the best of our brand with the launch of new, limited-edition Wilco merch alongside a curated mix of fan favorites and one-of-a-kind goods.  Solid Sound is an opportunity to connect with Wilco fans, musicians, and artists and provide them with quality, American-made products built to last a lifetime. Good For Your Soul
This will be our 8th year at Solid Sound and we truly call this place heaven on earth. Look forward to seeing you in North Adams!