#SolidSoundReady Winners


Thanks to everyone who entered our #SolidSoundReady contests. Hundreds of you took the time to share personal stories that were entertaining, inspiring and heartfelt. We thank you for that, and we can’t wait to see you out there.

All winners have been contacted directly — please check your origin of entry to see if you won. See a selection of the winners below + check here, here or here to see more entries.

Camping Grand Prize winner: 

It  was summer of 2015 and my  husband Jim  and I  were enjoying our most recent Solid Sound trip.  We had a great  campsite at  Solid  Ground.  The evening before we left, I  purchased a metal-framed canopy and proclaimed to Jim that  it  was going to  change  our  lives.   I  told  him  he  would love the  shade, and if  it rained a  little, it  was no problem, we would be covered.  True to  Solid Sound tradition, the  rain  came!  Saturday  night, after many  hours celebrating at  MOCA, we retired to  our lovely campsite.  We awoke to  crazy  wind and rain and our  tent partially  collapsed, thanks to  my  fantastic canopy  that  crashed into  it  with the  high  winds.  I  knew it  was bad when  everything we brought  was  floating in  3 inches of  water all  around us. At  least the  air mattress kept  us partially  dry on  one side.  Still water  was dripping all over us.  In the  middle of the  night, we ventured out to see what was going on.  All was  quiet  as we  tried to  figure out  how to  deal  with the  stupid canopy  frame.   We managed to  pull it  away from the  tent and get  it  partially  collapsed all the  while  bitching at  each  other like a coupe of  teenage  girls.  Morning came and the  skies  brightened. A quick  scan around Solid  Ground confirmed that  most  fared about  as well as we did.  Lots of  people  were packing up  and heading home, but  not  us.  After wrestling with the  stupid canopy  frame (yes, it  changed our lives when  it  crashed into  our  tent!), we took a ride to  Walmart to  regroup and get  a few dry supplies. As we dried our  clothes with the  heat  blasting in the parking lot, we were excited  for another fabulous Wilcocentric day.  Then  we were off to  MOCA in  our  damp  clothes, however our  spirits  weren’t  dampened.  We made a game time decision about  4 hours  later to  stay  another night, but since  our tent  was destroyed and sitting in the  dumpster, we new shelter was  a top  priority.   Good sense  prevailed and we took a ride  to  Ocean  State Job Lot, where we purchased a new tent and bedding.  At this  point, it  started  raining again  and all we were hoping for  was a somewhat  dry  shelter.  We set  up the  new tent next  to  a tiny  tree and a  large  pile of  dog  shit (discovered much  later) in the  rain  and only  broke  1 pole.  We headed back to the  festival  and had another great  day.  Later that  night  when  we returned, the  field of  over 100 campsites was  down to  a handful , and chuckled at the  giant  pile of  twisted  metal  canopy  frames that  sat  next  to the  dumpster just  looking  so  sad.   We were happy  to  be there with  die hards, rain , dog shit  and all.  We’ve  had a great  time at  every  Solid Sound  and will  be back to every  Solid Sound, as long  as it  goes on.  Thanks for the  memories!!

Essentials Grand Prize Winners:  

This girl has never missed a Solid Sound (in mama’s belly for the first one) and she won’t go without a hat, earphones, and a great sundress! #SolidSoundReady

Kids Contest Winners: 



Food winners: 

While they may be more common and not as inspiring as some of the more modern creations found at local and state fairs, cream puffs will always hold a special place in my heart. Growing up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, eating a cream puff was an annual rite of passage and the quintessential experience of the Wisconsin State Fair. As a child, I remember the cream puff being nearly as large as my head and cream squirting out onto my hands and face as I tried to shove the deliciousness into my mouth. Don’t worry, none of the cream was wasted.


A special thanks to Huckberry, Best Made, Osprey Packs, Madewell, Six Depot, Small Batch America,Fire CiderEmpire CafeThe HubFreight Yard PubGramercy Bistro, and Tunnel City Coffee for their generous involvement.